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Three IELTS test takers in casual outfits sit on  a lawn and prepares for IELTS with preparation materials

Prepare for IELTS with these 6 easy steps

Is this your first IELTS test? Read through these 6 easy steps to understand more about the IELTS test and how to prepare for it.

26 June 2020
Female test taker with short dark hair being interviewed by an IELTS examiner, sitting at a table.Pronunciation


IELTSを初めて受ける方、スピーキングテストで緊張してしまう方は必見です!自信をもってスピーキングテストを受けるための「IELTS Expertsからの10個のアドバイス」を紹介します。

25 June 2020
Two female students in casual attire leaning on an entrance pillar of a university and look at a mobile phone.

Prepare for IELTS with IELTS Progress Check

Prepare for the IELTS test with Progress Check, the only official IELTS practice test, and receive indicative band scores.

25 June 2020
Female test taker wearing grey t-shirt prepares for the IELTS Writing test along with other test takers in a classroomPreparation

Question types in the IELTS Academic Writing test

Find out about the questions you might get in the IELTS Academic test. Add them to your study plan to ensure you succeed in your IELTS test.

17 March 2020
clock5mins read

IELTS General Training Reading free practice questions

Get your IELTS preparation off on the right foot and add our free sample questions for General Training Reading to your IELTS study plan.

10 March 2020
clock1hr+ read
Female IELTS test taker in a green sweatshirt enquires about IELTS to a test centre staff

IELTS Speaking: AI vs face-to-face speaking with an examiner

Learn about the key advantages of taking your IELTS Speaking test face-to-face with a qualified IELTS examiner.

10 January 2020
A female nurse and a female doctor wearing a dark blue hijab discuss about a medical recordPreparation



15 July 2019
Three test takers preparing for the IELTS test with the official preparation materials.



07 January 2019
A group of students in western outfits looking at their IELTS results together.Test day

How to skim and scan for keywords in your IELTS test

Let our IELTS Experts walk you through how to skim, scan and look for keywords in your IELTS Reading test.

18 June 2018
clock5mins read
A female test taker having a conversation with an IELTS Expert

9 myths about the IELTS Speaking test to debunk

It's time to separate fact from fiction and see how the IELTS Speaking test is actually marked.

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