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Special Offer for students who book IELTS at IDP Official Test Center!

This service is only available for students who have booked their IELTS test through IDP official test center. Please refer to your booking confirmation email.

Privilege #1: 5 hours of IELTS test preparation support video in Japanese


Mr. Nobuyoshi Kotani, who has taken the IELTS exam more than 60 times in 4 countries, will send you a special 5-hour video to help you prepare for the IELTS exam. Please take advantage of it! The videos and materials are explained in Japanese. You can access free IELTS preparation tool in English at "IELTS Prepareexternal icon". 

Privilege #2: Free online training course supervised by Macquarie University


When you book for the IELTS through IDP, you will receive a link in your confirmation email that will allow you to try out Macquarie University's free online IELTS course (25 hours per skill, usually charged). You can choose 14 days* access to all skills, or 30 days access to one of the following skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

*Starting Tuesday, October 18, 2022, the period of accessibility to all skills will change from 14 days to 4 days.