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Because “then” and “than” are homophones (words that sound alike), they are often confused. Some tips on telling them apart.

Then vs. Than: the difference


Is an adverb: A word that describes, gives more information about a verb, adjective, adverb or phrase. When spoken it rhymes with 'hen'.


Is a preposition or conjunction: A word that is used before a noun, a noun phrase, or a pronoun, connecting it to another word. When spoken it rhymes with 'man'.

Then vs. Than: the definitions


  • At that time (in the past or in the future). 

  • Next or after that. 

  • In addition. 


  • Used to join two parts of a comparison. 

  • Used with “more” or “less” to compare numbers or amounts.

Then vs. Than: the synonyms


Could also mean (synonyms): Again, later, next, at that moment, soon after, at that time. 


There are no synonyms for this word

Then vs. Than: in a sentence


  • The toddler touched my cheek and then pinched it hard. 

  • Last night it rained and then turned cold and humid. 

  • She walked away then, leaving all her belongings behind. 

  • “What do you hope to achieve from this, then?” she asked him out of frustration. 

  • Thank you,” Jane said and then blushed because she wasn’t used to compliments. 


  • I think she loves Indian food more than I do. 

  • She performed much better than I expected. 

  • I can cook dinner in less than an hour. 

  • Contrary to popular belief, I believe that Jane is a better actress than Kim. 

  • Do you think the colour red suits me better than blue?