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Booking bonus: 25 hours of online course for each skill

When you register for the IELTS through IDP, you will receive a link in your confirmation email that will allow you to try out Macquarie University's online IELTS course (25 hours per skill, usually paid for) for free.

You can choose to access <all skills for 4 days> or <one skill for 30 days>.

This service is only available for students who have booked their IELTS test through IDP Education's official test center.

How to access the course

You can watch a video walkthrough of how to redeem this special course here.

▶Click on the banner below in the confirmation email sent by the test center.

banner online course

▶Set your password. Choose your module and the type of free trial <4-day access to all skills> or

play button

Learn at your own pace with a range of comprehensive study plans covering all sections of the IELTS test