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Please make sure you have the correct venue address and meeting time.

The same IELTS test can be administered by different organizations at different venues and at different times.

There have been cases where students who went to the wrong venue were not able to take the test and were also not able to get a refund.

Please check the confirmation email sent to you by the test centre to confirm the date, time, and venue.

Please also refer to the "Confirmation notice" that will be uploaded one week before the test.

1. Leave your luggage at the reception desk.

Pencils and erasers will be provided by the IELTS Official Test Centre. We recommend you use the restroom before you enter the test room.

▶What you can bring to the test venue:

  • Your passport (original)

  • Water in a clear plastic bottle with the label removed.

▶What you cannot bring to the test site:

Wristwatch (electronic clocks are provided in each test room), handkerchief, coat, lap blanket, wallet, communication device, eyeglass case, pencil case, mechanical pencils, and food or drinks, other than water.

2. ID check (passport), finger scan registration, and photography

Please bring your original, valid passport that you used when you applied for the test. Please note that if you forget your passport, you will not be allowed to take the test.

On the test day, we will register your photo and take your finger scan for identification purposes in accordance with IELTS Global Regulations. You will be asked to remove your glasses, etc. for the photo. The photo taken on the day of the test will appear on your Test Report Form.

3. Move to the test room and start the test after the test explanation in English.

There will be no bathroom breaks between tests. You will not be able to use the restroom while the CD is playing in the listening test or while the test questions are being collected. If you need to use the restroom, please raise your hand and follow the instructions of the staff.

▶Paper-based IELTS

You will be given a question sheet and an answer sheet, both of which will be collected after the test. At IDP, headphones can be used during the Listening test at some venues.

Writing/Reading/Listening test starts at 9:00 and finishes around 12:20.

  • Writing (60 minutes)

  • Reading (60 minutes)

  • Listening (40 minutes) *Includes 10 minutes for transcribing on the answer sheet.

The Speaking test will be held in the afternoon of the same day.

For more information, please refer to the test centre's "the confirmation notice".

▶Computer-delivered IELTS

You will read the questions and enter your answers on the computer screen set up at the venue.

Headphones will be used for the Listening test.

The test start time differs at each test centre, so please check when you book.

  • Listening (30 minutes)

  • Reading (60 minutes)

  • Writing (60 minutes)

The Speaking test will be held on the same day.

Please be sure to check the test centre's "the confirmation notice" for details, such as what time you are expected at the centre on the day of the test.

4. Speaking test

You will take the test in a private room at a designated time, one on one with an examiner. You will need to show your passport on the day of the test.

This will be the end of the test.

Test Result

You can check your results for the past two years online. Your Test Report Form will be sent to you as your official result.

  • IELTS on Computer: 3-5 business days after the test date

  • IELTS on Paper: 13 days after the test date