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<Centre Details>JP031(Fukuoka)Kitakyushu Yobikou

Kitakyushu Prep School has formed a partnership with IDP in Japan in May 2019 to provide monthly IELTS on Paper test administration in Fukuoka and Kitakyushu. The IELTS test at Kitakyushu Prep School can be completed in one day, including the Speaking portion. The deadline for application is 3 days before the test.

IELTS on paper test venue

・Kitakyushu (Kokura) Venue: Kitakyushu Prep School Kokura Station (JR Kokura Station Shinkansen Exit, a short walk from JR Kokura Station)

・Kitakyushu (Kokura Tango-bashi) Venue: Kitakyushu Prep School Tango-bashi (5-minute walk from Kitakyushu Monorail Tango Station)

・Fukuoka (Hakata) venue: Kitakyushu Prep School Hakata Station (4-minute walk from JR Hakata Station)

Note: The venue is subject to change, so please check the latest information.

\A special interview to celebrate our 1st anniversary/

The Kitakyushu IELTS Test Center celebrated its first anniversary in May 2020. Thank you to everyone who took the test! We asked some of the staff at Kitakyushu Prep about their passion for IELTS and what they keep in mind every day. We hope you enjoy this interview.

-How did you get started as an official IELTS test center?

Kitakyushu Preparatory School (Kitayobi Prep) is a university entrance exam preparation school based in Kyushu. As the university entrance examinations are about to change drastically, we too need to change drastically. At Kitayobi Prep, we don't want to just keep up with these changes, we want to stay ahead of them. Let's focus on education that fosters the ability to think, judge, and express oneself. When it comes to English, let's go beyond Japan and aim for global standards.

The ability to think, judge, and express oneself. Global standards. Does this sound familiar? That's right! IELTS is the global standard, the exam that tests your ability to think, judge, and express yourself in English. We at Kitayobi Prep felt that IELTS was very attractive!

It is said that IELTS is more suitable for university students and adults than for high school students, but the new English curriculum is boldly trying to improve the English skills of Japanese students. In a few years, IELTS may become the most popular test for high school students! This is the reason why Kitayobi Prep started the IELTS test center.

-What do you think is the significance of Kitakyushu Prep offering IELTS in Kyushu?

What do you think is the point of having IELTS in Kyushu? "I want students in Kyushu to know that there is an English test called IELTS, that IELTS can open up a new world, and that IELTS can be taken in Kyushu. We want to make IELTS more accessible to students in Kyushu, so that they don't have to go to a big city to take the test.

-What are the advantages of taking the IELTS exam at North reserve?

All of the test centers are located near major train stations. All of them are conveniently located near major train stations! Moreover, the staff is mainly from Kitayobi Prep, so you can take the test with peace of mind. Moreover, the number of examinees in the classroom is kept small, so you can take the exam in a calm and quiet environment!

-What do you usually keep in mind as a test center?

There are many people who are taking the test for the first time in Kyushu, and some of them are confused about the procedures. I try to support them so that they don't face any hurdles other than the test. Taking the IELTS exam is like entering an English-speaking country, and we hope that it will be a wonderful experience for you. If you are thinking, "I want to take the IELTS test again!," we will be happy if we can help you to improve your English skills! We at Kitayobi Prep Prep are here to support you as you take the IELTS exam!

If you are planning to take the IELTS exam in the Kyushu area, please come to Kitakyushu Prep School, which is conveniently located near the station and has friendly staff. We are looking forward to welcoming you! If you are planning to take the IELTS exam in the Kyushu area, please come to Kitakyushu Prep School.