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<Centre Details>JP114(Osaka)Japan Study Abroad Foundation (JSAF)

  • Address: 5-1-1 Wakasugi Nishi-Umeda Building 701, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka 553-0003

  • Access: 2-minute walk from Exit 1 of Fukushima Station on the Hanshin Main Line, 5-minute walk from Fukushima Station on the JR Loop Line and JR Tozai Line, 13-minute walk from JR Osaka Station and Hankyu Umeda Station.

  • Tel: 06-6442-1106

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The Japan Study Abroad Foundation (JSAF), in partnership with IDP, is the first organization in Japan to offer the official IELTS test (IELTS on Paper) at JSAF-IELTS Official Test Center Tokyo (JP112) since June 2016 and at JSAF-IELTS Official Test Center Osaka (JP114) since 2018. JSAF-IELTS Official Test Center in Tokyo (JP112) has been conducting the official IELTS test in the East Japan area since June 2016, and in the West Japan area in Osaka (JP114) since 2018. The IELTS on Computer test will be held in Tokyo from August 2019 and in Osaka from August 26, 2020 on weekdays and weekends.


You can choose between paper and computer!

JSAF Tokyo offers both IELTS on paper and IELTS on computer tests in the Kanto area, Nagoya and other cities. The JSAF IELTS test can be completed in one day, including Speaking. Application deadline is 3 days before the test!

◆Paper-based IELTS test venue

【Osaka】At Business Center Osaka Umeda (1-minute walk from Nishi Umeda Station or Kitashinchi Station, 6-minute walk from Osaka Station)

【Osaka】Yamato University (Suita Station on the JR or Hankyu Line)

【Osaka】Sophia University, Osaka Satellite Campus (2-minute walk from Nakatsu Station (Osaka Metro), 4-minute walk from Umeda Station (Hankyu), 10-minute walk from Osaka Station (JR))

【Kyoto】Kyoto University (20-minute walk or 10-minute bus ride from Demachiyanagi Station on the Keihan Line)

【Kyoto】Dochisha University (1-minute walk from Imadegawa Station on the Subway Karasuma Line)

【Okayama】Okayama University, Tsushima Campus (7-10 minutes by bus from Okayama Station)

Note: The venue is subject to change, so please check the latest information.

◆Computer-delivered IELTS test venue

【Osaka】JSAF-IELTS Official Test Center Osaka (2-minute walk from Exit 1 of Fukushima Station on the Hanshin Line, 5-minute walk from Fukushima Station on the JR Loop Line, 5-minute walk from Shin-Fukushima Station on the JR Tozai Line)

Starting from March 2022!!【Kyoto】Kyoto University (20-minute walk or 10-minute bus ride from Demachiyanagi Station on the Keihan Line)

JSAF official website: Click here for test schedule, venue and application

Special Venues

If there are more than a certain number of students taking the test, we are able to offer the IELTS official test for students at a special venue. This is a great way to reduce the burden on students and to hold a pre-test briefing session on campus.

Click here for dates, venues, and applications for special venues.

For universities, high schools, and companies

\A special interview to celebrate our 5th anniversary/

We interviewed the staff of JSAF who are working hard day and night to help students take the IELTS exam. You can feel the passion from the front line.

-How did you get started as an official IELTS test center?

Since its establishment in 2000, JSAF has been partnering with universities in Japan and abroad to provide support for university students and high school students to study abroad. In 2016, JSAF became the first IDP-accredited test center in Japan to operate an official IELTS test center. JSAF believes that with the addition of IELTS test management, a global standard English 4 skills test, our global network of overseas and domestic partner universities and the experience we have gained through our study abroad program will further contribute to global activities and the improvement of English education in Japan. As with IDP, we hope to contribute to society as a comprehensive international educational institution that includes a wide variety of study abroad programs and its "gateway", the IELTS test.

JSAF TC reception

-What are the advantages of taking the IELTS test at JSAF?

JSAF is an internationally trusted IELTS test provider, so it is only natural that the test is administered in a strict and secure manner. In addition, JSAF strives to create a relaxed environment where candidates can take the test and demonstrate their abilities, just like the IELTS test in Australia. JSAF provides logoed rocket pencils and erasers so that you don't have to worry about forgetting your writing utensils, shortens the application deadline to three days in advance so that you can take the test even at the last minute, provides staff training so that you can feel the hospitality on the day of the test, and provides a short message service to notify you of your score. We also provide staff training so that students can feel the hospitality on the test day. Thankfully, we have many repeat test takers. We are also proud of our convenient locations in Takadanobaba, Tokyo, and Nishi Umeda, Osaka, and the convenience of being able to choose between paper and computer-based examinations.

JSAF TC pencil

-What do you usually keep in mind as a test center?

IELTS is not a pass/fail test, but an accurate and rigorous test of four skills. The IELTS test is not a pass/fail test, but an accurate and rigorous test of the four skills. Many people aim to get a score first, but beyond that, they have dreams and goals such as studying abroad. We believe that IELTS is a tool that can be used as a bridge to your dreams of connecting with the world. Please feel free to talk to our staff while you are waiting for your time. We would be very happy to have you share your goals with us. It is a great pleasure to have people tell us that chatting with us in this way has eased their tension.

JSAF osaka staff