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Check your results online

You can check your results for the past two years online. You will need your passport number to view your results. A transcript will be issued (mailed) to you as your official result.

  • Computer-delivered IELTS: 3-5 business days after the test date.

  • Paper-based IELTS: 13 days after the test date

Check your band score, as well as your overall and each test's band score, to see how well you speak English and for advice on how to improve your score!

An official paper copy of your transcript (Test Report Form)

  • The official IELTS Test Report Form shows your English proficiency in listening, reading, writing and speaking in the form of a band score and an overall band score.

  • A single certificate will be issued to each candidate. It will be mailed to your home after the results are disclosed.

  • If you wish to submit the certificate to the Immigration Service or an educational institution, you must apply to the test center where you took the test.

  • If it is within two years of the date you took the test, there is no charge for up to five copies, and a fee is charged for six or more.

  • If your name or passport number has changed by the time you submit your test results, we will not be able to reissue them.

  • The test center number and test date you took the test are shown at the top of the page.

  • The Test Report Form Number is shown in the lower right corner.