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What is IELTS Progress Check?

It is an official IELTS online mock test. The number of questions, question format, and scoring criteria are the same as the real test. You will receive an official feedback report that includes a rough estimate of your overall and sectional band scores. There are four different versions of the exam in the Academic Module, each with a timed version and an untimed version, just like the real exam. You can take the test at any time of your choice on any computer with internet access.

You will receive a report of your results within 5 business days after completing the test. One test fee is normally US$49.95 (one test). The IELTS Progress Check result is not an official IELTS test and cannot be used for admission to overseas universities or professional organizations, or for entry visas.

Advantages of using Progress Check

  1. It can be used to check the level of students before a course, to measure the results of a course, and to select students for study abroad programs.

  2. Discounts are also available for group examinations (for groups of 25 or more students at a time).

  3. All tests can be taken online, so there is no need to send answer sheets by post.

  4. It is also possible to compile a report of the results at the school.

How to use the service

1) Application: Please fill out the following information in the inquiry form and contact IDP customer support. A representative will contact you.

  • Organization name (name of the person in charge)

  • Number of items you wish to purchase

  • Planned Implementation Date

  • Module (Academic or General Training)

  • Timed version (time limit is set as in the real test) or Untimed version (no time limit, you can take your time and try at your own pace)

2) Test Preparation: We will explain the necessary steps to conduct the test online.

3) Administering the test: You can administer the test on your own computer at home or on a computer with internet access at your school, etc., on a date and time of your choice. The test can be administered online, so there is no need to send answer sheets by post.

4) Results and feedback: You will receive a results report in about 5 business days after you complete the test. You will get an official feedback report that includes your overall and sectional band score estimates. All reports will be sent to your school in PDF format, not on paper.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact IDP Customer Support.