Taking IELTS In Japan

Why take IELTS with IDP?

Seven reasons to  take the IELTS test with IDP

IDP is a proud co-owner of IELTS and through local partners we operate a number of test centers across Japan.

At IDP, we recognize the importance of the IELTS results to you and your future. That’s why we want to make sure our test takers get the best possible service to do well in the test.

Here are seven reasons why you should take your IELTS test with IDP test center:

  1. Book your IELTS test flexibly
    Book your IELTS anytime up to 3 days before the test.
    Book your test here.
  2. Take IELTS on computer or paper
    The IDP IELTS test center in Tokyo now offers computer-delivered IELTS.  We are proud of our state-of-the-art computer lab which have wide screens and noise cancelling head phones to make sure you have the most comfortable testing environment. Check out the great facilities here (link to Youtube) . Off course you can choose a paper test instead if that suits you better.
  3. Choose the IELTS test location that works for you
    You can choose which IDP test venue to take your test, so you can pick the most convenient location for you. This will also allow you to plan your day better in advance.
  4. Enjoy a less crowded test venue
    Our test venue size is optimized for smaller groups of 50 to 70 people so you can enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere with less crowding, shorter check-in times, and easier restroom access.
  5. Free preparation support
    IDP supports you to prepare and achieve higher scores by two amazing offers at no extra cost!
  • One month’s access to IELTS Masteronline preparation course with high quality practice materials from Macquarie University. (Choose any skill module you want to practice: listening, reading, writing, or speaking, and take the course online anywhere, anytime.
  • Free IELTS Writing Assist and get personalized feedback on your writing.
  1. Conveniently check your results by SMS
    You have the option to receive your test results via SMS.
  2. Have a friendly and smooth experience
    Whether it’s your first time, or you’re a veteran, our outstanding customer service to ensures you have the best possible experience when taking your IELTS test with IDP. Our team of IELTS experts are ready to help with any questions that you may have. Please click here.
Test Date and Venue in Japan

Please prepare a valid/not expired passport before registering for IELTS. You will be needing your passport for registration as well as sitting the test.

The closing date of registration is 3 days before the test date.

Find the test date and book the test

Test Fee/Payment

【The IELTS test fee】

Computer-delivered IELTS:26,400 JPY (inclusive of tax).

Paper-based IELTS:25,380JPY (inclusive of tax).

You can pay with your credit card, pay at Convenience Stores etc.  The payment method is different depending on the test centres.  Please follow your test centre’s instruction.